Until recently, the IWH Professional Body has included the unit standards and qualification on our Certificates of Registration against our Designations due to the backlog of issuing Statements of Results by the SETA ETQA’s. The issuing of Statement of Competence for unit standards and qualifications should be issued by the relevant SETA ETQA or Quality Assurance Body. We have been told by the SETA ETQA’s that they do not have any backlogs of issuing Statements of Results anymore.

The IWH PB has decided to remove the SAQA registered unit standards and titles from its certificates. Our certificates are supposed to indicate that the person has been registered against a specific designation with the Professional Body and not for being issued with a qualification or unit standard. As our designations are all linked to SAQA registered qualifications and unit standards, it is not necessary for us as a professional body to include the unit standards or qualifications on our certificates. Please take note, we are a Professional Body, registered with SAQA and therefore our designations are also registered with SAQA and aligned to SAQA and NQF registered qualifications and unit standards, and therefore each person registered with us against a designation, will legitimately reflect on SAQA’s National Learner Record Database as such.

If anybody is unsure which unit standards are linked to our professional designations, they are welcome to:

  1. Visit our website and look under the designations as registered with SAQA which unit standards the designations are linked to, or
  2. Request the Statement of Results from the relevant SETA ETQA which should actually accompany our registration against the designation.